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Success Story - Teachers

LQ : SFA Curriculum


    Skills for Adolescence is a comprehensive life skills and prevention program that helps middle school students, parents, and teachers cope with the phys...

LQ : SFG Curriculum

    Lions Quest Skills for Growing is an evidence-based K-5 program that supports educators in creating safe learning environments and teaching essential skills for success in school and life.&n...

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Feedback from Teacher
We learned that how teaching and school change the scenario of teaching. We learned that how teaching and social development can be correlated. We learned how to develop our teaching in sc
Loraine Fernandes, Teacher, St. Pius School
“Being an all boys school, it becomes difficult for (female) teachers to deal with their problems, a column which communicates things and is also a source which answers their queries will do wonders for them. Th
Munira Badani, Head Teacher, Activity School
“Girls and boys today are way ahead of their time. Bollywood, Media, Fashion, accessibility to all kinds of information, more money to spend even as kids; has really taken a toll on their personal lives. A colum
Children’s Heaven High School, Patna.
Our school Children’s Heaven High School is teaching Skills For Adolescence program since last 5 years. This year students of class 8th