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? As Parents, What Are Our Normal Apprehensions / Concerns?

Our normal apprehensions are:
(1) How will I protect my child from the growing Negative influences of Life?
(2) How will my child fare in the fierce competitive world of today?
(3) How can my child learn to face the frustrations and difficulties, which are inevitable in today's life?
(4) How will my child cope with the fast changing world of today?

Yes, Lions Quest Programme can answer all your apprehension, because this is a positive programme which helps in uniting families, schools and community. It is a promoter of Life Skills, Character education, Service learning and drug and violence prevention.

? Could Schools Do A Better Job Of Preparing Students For Facing The Problems In Real Life?

Yes, Mr. Rick Little believed they could. In 1974 barely out of high school himself, he met with a serious accident and was hospitalized for six months and when he came home he saw his mother unconscious as she was drugged. He questioned himself why inspite of all his education he could not cope up with this situation. Rick traveled the country asking young students, many of them his contemporaries, what they think should be added to their school curricula to enable them to face life. The suggestions and ideas from the students, along with the research and support of key educators, created the curriculum, of Lion Quest. It got its first funding grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

? When Did Lions Clubs International Get Involved?

It was in 1984 that Lion Clubs International made the LIONS QUEST programme as it is popularly referred to, as the core component of its International Drug Awareness and Prevention efforts.

? What Is The Lions Quest Program?

The Lions Quest "Skills for Adolescence" programme responds to the needs of children between the age group of 10 to 14 years. In India currently we are implementing only the SFA programme. It has two basic components:

a) Helping them to develop positive social behaviors such as self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment and the ability to get along with others.
b) Helping these young people to develop positive commitments to their families, schools, peers (friends) and communities including a promise to lead a healthy drug free life.

? How Are These Programs Developed ?

The Lions Quest Programs are developed thorough a vigorous process and represent some of the most academically and pedagogically sound programs available in the art of teaching. The first step is a through review of current research in the fields of education, child development, health services, drug prevention, and family relationship. All Lions Quest Programs are subject to continual review and updating in response to and reflecting summative evaluations, new knowledge and emerging needs of the child.

? How Do The Lions Quest Programs Support The Academic Achievement Of Children?

The Lions Quest Programme is designed for total flexibility. They can be incorporated into traditional subjects such as language, arts, social studies, moral science and music. They can also be taught as a separate course. Reading, writings, speaking and listening skills are the key elements and are reinforced in every lesson.

The entire Lions Quest programme promotes higher order thinking and analytical capabilities, discussion ability, co-operative group work, support and active learning. Children participating in these programs have shown better academic performances, less class truancy, and enhanced interest-span. In India too evaluations of controlled groups have shown similar results.

? What Training Do Teachers Receive? What Is Their Role In This Programme?

LQIF require that all those who wish to lead a Lions Quest Implementation programme, have to attend a 3-Day Workshop. This is known as the Teachers Training Workshop, it familiarizes the teachers with the content, the skills and the role they play to implement it in schools. It also includes skill building exercise in communications, group work and leading effective discussions, as well as an orientation and practice is using the programme curriculum and methodology. The 3-Day Workshop is conducted by-Certified World Trainers .The following trainers are associated with us: 


Dr. Revti Balu, Sr. Trainer Coach

Dr. Niranjana Gokarn, Sr. Trainer

Mrs. Ratna Choudhry, Sr. Trainer

Mrs. Archana Bhatt, Trainer

Mrs. Nidhi Nagrath, Trainer

Mrs. Rekhaa Shah, Trainer

Mr. Yogesh Pota, Trainer

Mrs. Poonam Raj, Trainer

Mrs. Manisha Ghanti, Trianer 

Mrs. Priti Zaveri, Trainer 

The role of the teacher is that of a planner, initiator, presenter, instructor, guide, facilitator and an evaluator. The teaching methods taught to the teachers in these Workshop, ultimately help them, to execute in their classrooms. They are specially tailored to meet a variety of learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) to help parents, teachers and schools to help the child learn Life Skills which is basic theme of the programs.

The central philosophy is a view that the student is an active learner possessing a unique set of abilities and potentials for growth. Through involved and skilled leadership instruction and encouragement from the certified teacher, this growth is ensured and sustained.

? What Materials Do The Teachers Use?

There is a Set of 7 Curriculum Manuals structured into subjects and sessions to provide 40 lessons which the teachers have to implement, together with the children. She/he uses as a support the Student's Manual titled "Changes and challenges" which is an assignment and activities work-book. There is also the Parent's Meeting and Workshop guide. There is another very interesting book entitled "The Surprising Years" a publication for the parents. We have received permission from LCIF for the copy rights of the Indian materials – an English Adaptation which is now translated into Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu and Bengali.

? What Is The Role Of The Parent In The Lion Quest Programme ?

The Parent plays a very important role. Their active involvement is one of the goals of the LIONS QUEST Programs. One of the underlying principles clearly defined in all Quest materials is that the parents are the first and primary teachers to their children.

The parent's book "The Surprising Years" and the training, serve as a resource to the teachers in supporting parents and reinforcing the traditional values at home. Schools are provided with complete plans and suggestions for conducting four meetings, to inform parents about the values and skills being taught in these programs. There is an Awareness Workshop for the parents and they are given the Parent Manual -"The Surprising Years" to encourage active parent's interest, in shared homework assignments.

Parents are invited to be on the implementation team called as the School Climate Team, This team has mature leaders for implementing Service Learning Projects and to assist sometimes in the classrooms as guides. At parents meetings they exchange views on the changes that have taken place in their children, also they learn from the experiences of each other.

? How Do The Lions Quest Programs Involve The Family?

The Lions Quest Programme support the family by encouraging active parental involvement, teaching communication skills and basic civic and human values such as honesty, self discipline, responsibility, and self confidence, which help pave the way for a strong and lasting foundation for successful living, confident behavior and enduring positive family relationships.